Welcome to the ShopRaise blog!

Welcome to the ShopRaise blog!

We are passionate. We are energized. We are a verb. ShopRaise.

We are the place you come to find out about how online shopping can solve the world’s trickiest challenges. We work at the intersection of consumerism and charitable giving. Didn’t know that space existed? Pull up a chair and find out how it all works.

The premise is simple: stores (including your favs) set aside part of their marketing budget for something called affiliate marketing. When a shopper clicks on an affiliate link, that click generates revenue. We think that revenue can do REALLY big things, like make the world a better place.

That’s why we’ve partnered with charities across the country to create a way for online shopping to make a difference. We like to call our app users (aka, you) Socially Conscious Shoppers. We know you are crazy busy doing your best to work, play, raise families, live your best life and make a positive impact with everything you do.

So, we’ve simplified life. You download our desktop and mobile app, select a cause to support, and shop just like you always do. Except now your window cleaner and paper towels can cure cancer. Your shoe habit can save the whales. Your niece’s Sweet 16 present can fund her soccer team. Now every purchase you make--with the same brands you love and trust--can make a profound impact.

Want to make a difference without adding another to do to your list? No problem. Just ShopRaise it.

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